ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers is a studio of forty architects, urban designers, and landscape architects. Rogers Partners engages the world of design with the creativity and rigor for which Founding Partner, Rob Rogers, FAIA and his teams have been recognized, and explores broader architectural concerns in the public realm.

We believe that great design engages all disciplines and that the spaces we create are as important as its buildings and forms. We embrace the impact of small things, understand that much of what we do you don't see, and make big things happen by careful attention.

Our clients across the country and abroad include academic, cultural, and civic institutions and agencies, developers, economic development entities, planning and housing authorities, and private businesses. Our projects have won more than 85 design and industry awards from peer and client groups and have been included in exhibitions and publications internationally.

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Design Philosophy

Since its founding in 2013, Rogers Partners has embraced a new commitment for how cities are conceived and built, and the changing role architects play in shaping them.  With a de-emphasis on fantasy drawings or masterplans, and not limited to solely making buildings, we lead teams structured intellectually and geographically to realize our projects with specificity and vision.  We practice the discipline of architecture, engage science and foster the imagination to create buildings, environments and realms.

We focus on what you see as well as what you don’t. We explore the impact of both small and big things. To us, both matter equally.

Our practice is built on research, analysis, discovery and shared experiences. We design for today with tomorrow in mind. Above all, we create buildings that work, projects that last, and designs that delight.