Atlanta's Park Over GA400

Atlanta's Park Over GA400

Rogers Partners is working with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects to design an innovative on-structure 9-acre park that will be interwoven over the GA400 freeway. Atlanta's Park Over GA400 will physically reconnect this neighborhood known for high-end development and luxury malls while providing multiple benefits and much needed park space.

AIA New York Design Awards, Merit Award for Urban Design  |  The European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum, Green Good Design Award  |  The European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum, International Architecture Award.
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Weaving a new signature public space

Atlanta's Park Over GA400 recognizes an opportunity to occupy the gap created by the GA400 freeway with a dense cover of native trees that link adjacent canopies. The undulating Piedmont topography, direct transit access, and potential cultural opportunities present a rich landscape into which we weave this new signature public space. Enveloping plantings derived from native Piedmont plant communities tell the natural story of the region while providing ecological function by reducing the heat island effect, capturing stormwater, and supporting native flora and fauna that are co-adapted to each other and the Atlanta climate.

Diverse and linked experiences

The 2,500-foot-long public space over the highway will provide ample capacity for a mix of distinct spatial experiences including the shaded grove of the Commons for picnics and casual gatherings, a grand Plaza with vibrant edges and a large public display at the train stop, lush and intimate Gardens for immersive nature and art walks, and more. Spanning the length of the park, an allée of high-canopied trees provides a defining structural element to the sequence of spaces. With dappled shade and majestic trunks, the allée moves through the distinct zones with a linearity that contrasts with the sweeping curves of the ground plane.

Connected Buckhead

This project extends deep into the district and will improve walkability and access to the MARTA public transit station. Activated pedestrian paths seamlessly connect the neighboring streets and the park, encouraging foot traffic into and across the park throughout the day. The park also becomes a prime destination on Path 400, a regional recreational and commuter bike path and running trail that will be integrated along the length of the park with improved connections at either end to regional destinations beyond. A bike share station is included at the central pavilion in the Plaza, at the entrance to the MARTA station. The park is envisioned as a model for the multimodal future of Atlanta.