Learning Through Practice

A Book By Rogers Partners


Learning Through Practice presents the explorations of Rogers Partners’ architects and designers. Throughout our collective years of practice, we have cultivated an attitude of curiosity and innovation.

From delicate details to city-scale compositions, our research, analysis and designs penetrate sites and unfold the obvious and the unseen, the usual and the peculiar, the tangible yet untouchable, the simple and the complex.

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It’s not about doing things over and over;
It’s about doing things for the first time, really well.

This collection of essays and case studies reveals our compelling process and results. Learning Through Practice also discusses the principal desires that guide Rob Rogers’ practice. He is intrigued by the impact of small things, pursues delight as an experience, and seeks authenticity in realizing projects for buildings, landscapes, and the public realm.


“Looking across the recent work of Rogers Partners, it’s clear that this office remains invested in the physicality and the possibilities of the public realm, though the work also reflects a sophisticated acknowledgement that public space in the 21st century is a very different realm than ever before.”

– Sarah Whiting, Dean, Rice University


"This book offers a distillation of how designing great public spaces is as delicate an art as arranging a Japanese rock garden – and as robust an enterprise as protecting, gracefully, New York’s Financial District. Few architectural firms are as attentive to economy of means – in every sense – in order to form public spaces fulfilling our humanity at its best."

– Norman Weinstein, ArchNewsNow



A Daily Dose of Architecture

“To this day I appreciate monographs that do something besides the plain old one-after-the-other presentation of projects with a few words, lots of photographs, and scant drawings. This book by Rob Rogers on Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers (a successor firm to Rogers Marvel Architects, whose 2011 monograph I mentioned here) does just that by focusing on storytelling and thereby making the book a revealing insight into Rogers and his practice.” Read more...

- John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture



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