Mid-Main, Houston’s first transit-oriented development, spans two blocks in the city’s up-and-coming entertainment district, which also includes the Continental Club, the Ensemble Theatre, and the new Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH). 


Commercial, Mixed-Use, Private Residences, Residential, Urban Design, 
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Mid-Main’s design deconstructs the concept of Houston’s garden apartment residences and the “Texas wrap” approach to multi-family housing. The project is targeted to address the social, cultural, and lifestyle needs of young professionals attracted to the city’s new light rail line and affordable housing options. Seventy percent of the building’s residential units will be studio apartments and the Mid-Main stop on the light rail will be just outside their door.

Courtyards and elevated walkways will provide distinctive social spaces and opportunities for chance encounters with neighbors. Mid-Main’s eclectic retail offerings will also respond to and integrate with the existing historic fabric of the neighborhood.


Location: Houston, TX  |  Completion Date: 2017  |  Size: 550,000 SF