Nanotronics Smart Factory

Nanotronics Smart Factory

Rogers Partners is collaborating with Nanotronics to design its flagship production center, turning a historic Civil War era shipbuilding warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a vertically-integrated advanced manufacturing facility and headquarters. This collaboration between Rogers Partners and Nanotronics will transform both the building and the high-tech production process itself. Few advanced manufacturing facilities seamlessly integrate the entire process; bringing together R&D and Manufacturing under one roof. The building's program is laid out in a way that creates a feedback loop and the design incorporates transparency throughout to reinforce creative exchange. 

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The design approach leaves the shell of the long narrow building largely intact by inserting stacked, enclosed yet transparent “pods” on two floors with double-height public spaces nestled in between. The first floor accommodates the milling and assembly teams as well as tech support, sales, and marketing offices. The second floor offers a series of workspaces for the company’s c-suite, engineering, and design groups, connected by bridges that form a figure-eight layout to allow the seamless flow of the production process.

The pod approach resolves the critical design challenge of creating enclosed workspaces – some of which need to be airtight, soundproof, and climate-controlled – without cutting up the building, impeding the flow of collaborative spaces or compromising the beauty of the long, narrow building. The design integrates old and new building features as much as it integrates the high-tech production process.


Location: Brooklyn, NY | Completion: Ongoing | Size: 44,000 SF | Client: Nanotronics