Nanotronics Cubefabs

Nanotronics Cubefabs

 Cubefabs™ is a scalable, modular, microchip factory. It is designed to be deployabled across the globe as a distributed network of small scale, compound semiconductor fabs. The project seeks to establish a new typology, to push to boundaries of prefabrication and off-site construction, and to break new ground in the use of building systems monitoring and modeling with the integration of artificial intelligence and factory process control.

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A Cubefabs facility is designed to have a centralized “Cube,” housing administration and services, and 1 to 4 “Fabs”, containing up to two clean room “Nodes” with the production specific equipment and services needed to operate them. It can be initially deployed with the single 8,500 Sf Cube and a single 19,000 SF Fab, adding additional Fab wings as demand requires: with a fully constructed facility under 100,000 SF.


Client: Nanotronics

Each Cubefabs facility will be produced as a system of prefabricated components supplied by Nanotronics and delivered to the site. Each local site will be vetted, developed  by the local Cubefabs partner with foundations and infrastructure, inspected for compliance, and then turned over to the installation team for on-site assembly and connections.

The prototype design has just been completed and discussions are underway with potential fabrication partners.