Pentagon South Plaza

Pentagon South Plaza

The design of a new pedestrian plaza conveys visitors and workers into the primary pedestrian entrance of the Pentagon. Through extensive research into the history of military landscape fortifications, the design team identified methods for the conversion of historic military earthwork typologies into relevant modern security strategies. 

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Visitors to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial will use the pedestrian plaza to access the site from multiple modes of transportation including the DC Metro, shuttle bus service and private vehicles. The new plaza is designed to become the primary locus where both Department of Defense employees, visitors and the general public will interface with the entire Pentagon campus. It will also visually and physically connect the Pentagon’s public space with the larger park system of Arlington National Cemetery and the parks along the Potomac River.

This particular approach to landscape addresses practical security concerns while creating usable and human-scale public space for visitors to the Pentagon as well as its 30,000 on-site employees.

With James Ritter Architects.