South Fork Natural History Museum

South Fork Natural History Museum

This natural history museum serves as the trailhead for a system of preserved lands known as the Long Pond Greenbelt, in Bridgehampton, New York. An open meadow containing wetlands, ponds, wild grasses, and a variety of animal life comprise the majority of the site, with scattered man-made berms and agricultural trails throughout. 

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The building is a physical marker at the line between the developed and undeveloped environment. Using the interstitial space between an existing structure and new construction, the building creates a doorway to the protected lands.

The sequence of spaces in both two and three dimensions facilitates the selective understanding of the landscape. The experience of circulating through the space culminates in rooms where the relationships between interior and exterior spaces are the clearest.

Every aspect of the facilities and grounds is designed to provide a directly referential and interactive experience, illuminating wherever possible the fragile interaction between the developed and vegetal environments. Shifting views and reference points both inside and outside the building play with perception of the horizon. This visual re-orientation creates apertures that highlight special aspects of the landscape.