Studio Theatre Master Plan

Studio Theatre Master Plan

Founded in the 1970s, Studio Theatre has grown from an Acting Conservatory into a renowned multi-stage production in Washington, DC. It had expanded progressively from its original space to a two-theatre complex in 1997, and then again in 2004 into an adjoining three-building-complex housing the conservatory, four theatres, full production shops, offices, and public amenities. As it has evolved and become a nationally-recognized producer of contemporary plays and an incubator of new talent, the existing space requires a renovation and upgrade to both serve the Theatre’s artistic ambitions and welcome an ever-increasing and diverse audience.

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Rice University Kraft Hall Courtyard
Rice University Kraft Hall Aerial
Rice University Kraft Hall Connection

This project offers an opportunity to improve visitors’ experience and revitalize performance spaces, back-of-house circulation, and space-use problems. To improve the public experience and establish a more memorable identity for the Studio Theatre, the concept opens and expands the public spaces, creating a grander visual connection from the ground level up to the Milton Theatre lobby.


The concept also addresses issues of linkages, circulation, and underutilization of spaces through reprogramming and interior architectural design, employing strategic interventions to upgrade and modernize the facility while optimizing the space available in the current building.

To provide a more welcoming and dynamic space for artists, staff, audiences, and the surrounding community, it is important the design resolves existing building constraints and enhances technical capabilities and theater conditions. Working closely with theater consultant, Charcoalblue, the team is focusing on interior improvements including, redesigned seating and stage relationships, modernized stage lighting, updated audiovisual and stage engineering infrastructure, and new acoustic interventions throughout the building to eliminate issues of noise bleed between interior spaces and from outside.


Location: Washington, D.C. | Size: 52,000 SF | Client: Studio Theatre

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