Sackett Union

This seven-story, 140,000-sf mixed-use development features 32 distinct condominium residences, 11 townhomes, and commercial and community facilities. To invoke a house-like feel, the condominiums utilize a split-level, interlocking design with master bedrooms on the upper floors. The townhouses include both single and multi-family units with double-height spaces on the garden level.

To address community concerns regarding new development impact on the character and culture of the area, the scale and material selection were carefully considered. The lower level brick facades hold the material palette and scale of the neighborhood, while the window glazing on the top two loft floors demarcate the material line and are set-back to reduce the bulk of the building from the street. The window pattern reflects the diversity of window sizes, representative of the mix of commercial and housing types, seen in a typical block in New York City.