The Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street

The Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street

The design for this elevated plaza transforms a barren, windswept deck into a vibrant, multi-programmed and accessible public park. One-acre in total area, the park was built above a four-story parking facility and ties into the green necklace in lower Manhattan.

With Ken Smith Workshop.

AIANY State, Collaborative Design Merit | AIANY Chapter, Building Type Awards, Honor Award for Urban Design | AIANY Design Awards, Project Merit Award | Municipal Art Society NYC Masterwork Award | Greater NY Construction User Council Outstanding Project Award. Full list of awards
Landscape Architecture, Public Realm, Public Spaces + Parks, Urban Design, 
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A gleaming cascade of new escalators, stairs and planting beckons pedestrians at street level to discover what may be at the top. Once there, they enjoy panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor amidst lush seasonal flora or under the plaza’s beacon tower. Illuminated by programmable LEDs, the tower announces the park to visitors along the highway, the harbor and across the river to Brooklyn Heights.

The Elevated Acre also provides support space for year-round event planning, additional park amenities and concessions services. The plaza is designed to host a wide range of programs from ice-rink, to outdoor amphitheater, to wedding receptions. It has become a favorite spot for commuters to enjoy their lunch break, for tourists to take in views of the Brooklyn Bridge and for neighbors to meet for movies under the stars.